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The Red Sea El Ein Bay Open 2013

Thu 26th - Sat 28th Feb, 2013

Red Sea Little Venice Open 2013

Thu 5th - Sat 7th Mar, 2013

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Press release about the Alps Tour played at Sokhna Golf Club

Welcoming the Alps Tour to Egypt

In February and early March, the Sokhna Golf Club hosted two tournaments as part of the Belgium-based Alps Tour: The Red Sea El Ein Bay Open from 26 – 28 February and the Red Sea Little Venice Open from 5 – 7 March. Consisting of more than 78 competitors representing 13 different nationalities, the two-week event was a first of its kind for both Egypt and Ain Sokhna and sponsored by the Little Venice and El Ein Bay Resorts.

After two days of practice, each week saw players head out into the warm sun for three days of tournament play across 18 holes. At the end, a special prize distribution ceremony and oriental dinner was held at the Jaz Little Venice pool where a total of 30,000 Euro purse was handed to the winners.

Taking Home the Prize
“This is my first win as a pro and I am very excited,” said Red Sea El Ein Bay Open Champion Andrew Cooley of the UK. “Last year I started out in the lead but just couldn't pull it through for the rest of the days. After this win I am confident going into the next week and we will see what happens in the rest of the year.”

As for his experience in Ain Sokhna, Andrew mentioned “Everybody has been really helpful and I have seen everything come together well. Most importantly: the food has been great and the beds comfortable!”

This is the first time that the Alps Tour has made its way to Egypt, and for many of the competitors this was also the first time for them to visit or play golf in the country. “I have never been to Egypt before but am really excited about what I have seen,” said David Booth, a competitor from England. “The weather has been great which is really shocking because I am used to snow in February whereas here it is hot and sunny.”

However it was not only the weather that amazed participants. “The best part is the convenience of the practice facilities,” said Charles Matthews, also from England and caddy for David Booth. “You just walk out the front door of the Jaz Hotel and there is the driving range and the short game field is just a few minutes away in El Ein Bay. This is a luxury that you don't always get to enjoy.”

Leading the team of organizing these tournaments is Ali Mohammed, head of the Sokhna Golf Club. “I have worked with much larger tournaments in Cairo before but this is a very different situation,” said Ali. “Ain Sokhna is currently the best course in Egypt, but as an organization the golf club and the hotels are still new at handling events at this level. These two tournaments have been a great experience for us all and I think we pulled it off very well.”

“I would also like to really thank the course superintendents, as putting this much demand on a course requires a lot of specialized attention and maintenance both before, during, and after the events. Our main goal in holding these tournaments has been to spread the name of this course and show the world how amazing it is.”

But Ali chose to give his best thanks to the hotels and sponsoring resorts. “This could not have been done without the support of El Ein Bay and Hassan Allam Properties. Both companies are confident about the future of tourism in Egypt despite the current problems and are ready to put every effort forward to get through the tough times and prepare for more events in the future.”

The Beginning of a Strong Relationship
“As the chairman of the Alps Golf Association I can say that the events in Ain Sokhna have been beyond our expectations,” said Austrian Waltrand Neuwirth. “Starting with the organization, we have been provided with everything you could imagine...they were so prompt to solve our problems that it sometimes seemed things solved themselves!”

For the future, the Alps Tour is looking to continue expanding its relationship with the Sokhna Golf Club, potentially turning it into their winter destination. “At the beginning of the Fall months the weather in Europe makes golfing impossible,” said Waltrand. “Therefore we try to find locations with better conditions to let our players continue playing and not loose practice during their time off. With the great location, services, and quality of the course that we have seen here in Ain Sokhna, I think that we have found a very strong candidate for a permanent Winter base and we are interested in developing what we have started with these two tournaments and add more in the future.”

Winners of the 2013 Red Sea El Ein Bay Open
First Place: Andrew Cooley (England)
Second Place: Michael Stewart (Scotland)
Third Place: Andrea Malestroni Italy)

Winners of the 2013 Red Sea Little Venice Open
First Place: Andrew Cooley (England)
Tie for Second Place: Jason Palmer (England) and Tom Shadbolt (England)


Andrew Cooley Winner of the 2013 Red Sea El Ein Bay Open & Red Sea Little Venice Open





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