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ALPS Tour History


In 1986 was born the Satellite Tour on the European Tour with Sweden, France and Italy to open their national events to foreign players.


Since 1989, the top players at the end of the season are eligible for European Tour membership the following season. In 1990, the Satellite Circuit is renowned Challenge Tour.


The Challenge Tour grew successfully and became enable to welcome all European players wishing to participate in its events. Consequently, the European Tour decided to create in 2000 a third European division, more regional. Thus were created 4 Circuits Regional:


- one area comprising Great Britain and Ireland: EuroPro Tour
- the second grouping the Scandinavian countries: Nordic League
- the third Central Europe: EPD Tour
and the last, the Alps Tour comprising Austria, France, Italy, and Switzerland.


These circuits of the 3rd European division allow to the best 5 players from each of the Tours to be eligible for Challenge Tour membership the following season.



Established in 2001 by 4 countries: Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland to give young professionals the opportunity to play and get a better experience of professional tournaments to play the Challenge Tour and the European Tour.


It allows also for best players to get a category on Challenge Tour or/as well as exemptions from Stage 1 of the European Tour Qualifying School.

2001 16 events. Top 4 players access to the Challenge Tour the following season.

2002 16 events with minimum prize money of ?25,000. 350 young pros are members of the Alps Tour.


2003 19 events with minimum prize money of ?27,000. More than 500 international players members. Creation of the official website 


2004 Challenge Tour recognizes the success of the Alps Tour as well as the level of game as the organization of tournaments. 22 events played. New country visited: Morocco. Minimum prize money: ?30,000 for 3 rounds events and ?45,000 for 4 rounds events.


2005 In front of the growing number of requests for participation from players of various nationalities, the Alps Tour Committee decided to open this Tour to all professionals through the organization of a Qualifying School.


2006 The Challenge Tour decides to give the name of "Satellite Tour" to all Third Level Tours.


2007 France takes the management of the Alps Tour, after Italy. Creation of the Alps Tour Golf Association (official organizing body).


2008 Slovenia, Czech Republic and Belgium join Alps Tour.


2009 Spain and Peugeot Loewe Tiour join the Alps Tour. First European Satellite Tour Grand Final « Samanah Masters » which gather the Top players of each Satellite Tour.


2010 Alps Tour welcome further international players: 22 nationalities represented.


2011 10th Anniversary


2013 Egypt is the new, warm and fantastic destination to present to the alps tour players ( Sokhna golf club ) with 60,000 euro price money  for 2 events.





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