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Red Sea Egyptian Classic Red Sea El Ain Sokhna Open

Tue 19th - Thu 21st Mar, 2013

Tue 26th - Thu 28th March 2013

Final Results Final Results

Tiago Cruz Winner of the 2013 Red Sea Egyptian Classic   Antoine Shwartz Winner of the 2013 Red Sea Ain Sokhna Open



Golfing under the Egyptian Sun
German Pro Golf Tour comes to Ain Sokhna


As the beautiful March weather continued, two European tournaments made their way to the Sokhna Golf Club: the Red Sea Egyptian Classic from 19-21 March and the Red Sea Ain Sokhna Open from 26-28 March. As part of the German Pro Golf Tour which is affiliated with the country's Professional Golf Association, the tournaments brought in 85 participants from 19 countries to compete for the 30,000 Euro winners purse. Each week


Following the success of the Alps Tour events held in late February, this is the second of two European tours to hold tournaments at the Sokhna Golf Club, sponsored by the Jaz Little Venice and El Ein Bay hotels. After two full weeks this represents another successful set of tours held in Ain Sokhna and another vote of confidence in the country's tourism sector.


Bringing in the Pros
Critical to securing both the Pro Golf and recent Alps Tours in Egypt was Christian Arenz, sole Sales agent for the Sokhna Golf Club. Relying on his previous experience as a tournament player himself, Christian remarked that getting the tours to consider Egypt was an easy affair. “Because of my previous experience I know most of the people who run these tours and they are always interested in trying out something new,” he said. “The Sokhna Golf Club already offers an amazing course so it was simply a matter of putting an attractive package together with the hotels and sponsors. On the ground, the tours are looking for a high-standard of organization. Guarantee that, and you have yourself a successful partnership.”


Following the success of the tour, Christian believes that this is only the beginning. “I never look at one-time experiences when organizing a tournament,” he said. “We are interested in building relationships with these two tours and expanding to include more events throughout the year.”


Checking with the Players
Neil Chaudhuri, competitor from England, remarked that the setting for the tournaments could not have been better. “On the first day of the Red Sea Egyptian Classic the wind was heavy and so the conditions were not perfect. However, the other two days were perfect and everything is beautiful for golfing. There have also been a lot of people helping out during the tournament and I have found the service to be great.”


But for Austrian golfer Leo Astl the real beauty was with the course itself. “The holes here have been tough and is not what we are used to in Europe. It requires you to be creative, and presents challenges that you wouldn't expect and it means rethinking some of your traditional approaches.”


Rising to the Challenge

“I am very surprised at how well the course and management throughout the tournament have been,” said Kariem Baraka, The Tournament Director of the Pro Golf Tour. “It is very difficult to hold a number of tournaments after one another but everything has gone through great and I we have gotten a lot more than we expected from everyone involved.”


Kariem was also excited about the course's quality. “If I were to compare, I would say that the Sokhna Golf Club is above the majority of courses that we see in Europe. The best part for me is that all of the facilities are in one location, which means that we don't have to deal with the logistical headache of busing players back and forth between hotels, practice grounds and the course. Everything you need here is right in front of you. On the overall, we have been very pleased with the way things have gone and hope to come back next year!”


Winners of the 2013 Red Sea Egyptian Classic
First Place: Tiago Cruz (Portugal)
Second Place: Anton Kirstein (Germany)
Third Place: Sebastian Heisele (Germany), Christian Baunsoe (Denmark), and Romain Schneider (France)


Winners of the 2013 Red Sea Ain Sokhna Open
First Place: Antoine Shwartz (France)
Second Place: Craig Farrelly (England) and Christopher Mivis (Germany)

Tie for Second Place: Jason Palmer (England) and Tom Shadbolt (England)






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