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Hole #1

A medium length par 4 with a generous landing area to begin the round. The preferred tee shot is played over the right fairway bunker to shorten the second shot and create the best angle to the green. 

Hole #2

This long par 4 has a very challenging tee shot with a large bunker left and desert area right. The tee shot should be placed close to the left bunker to have the best angle to the green and avoid the pond right of the green. 

Hole #3

A long par 5 with a split fairway has a pot bunker in the middle of the landing area. The preferred tee shot should be played on the right side to take advantage of the down slope and best view to the green. The green is well guarded by the bunker on the right and hollow on the left.  

Hole #4

This medium length par 3 is treacherous due to the small pond on the right and bunker on the left. The angle to the green is more difficult for the low handicap players and less difficult for the high handicap players. 3 is a very good score on this tough par 3. 

Hole #5

This long and demanding par 4 requires two straight and well struck shots to reach the green. The water running down the left of the hole acts as a constant reminder to the golfer while providing a pleasant landscape feature. The bunker to the right of the green is to be avoided as it is probably the deepest and most demanding on the entire course. 

Hole #6

A well struck mid iron sees the golfer's ball nicely positioned on this large green on this par 3. Bunkers right and left of the green are to be avoided if regulation par is to be achieved. The large green size and its undulations are the key features to this lovely par three and a two putt from distance can be somewhat of a challenge. 

Hole #7

A wide and inviting fairway greets the golfers on the tee of this long par 4. Fairway bunkers are well placed on the left side of the fairway to tempt the golfer to take the tight line close to them, thus giving the shortest line into the green.

The ‘island’ green is surrounded by water on all sides and tests the nerve of the golfer to hit a clean and crisp long iron approach. Once on the green putts are achievable on the receptive green. 

Hole #8

The strategic challenge on this short and reachable par 5 is apparent from the tee. Fairway bunkers short left and further on right side are to be avoided. A number of options confront the golfer for their second shot. To attempt to hit the green in two by crossing over a large bunker just short of the green which if found presents an awkward 40 yard bunker shot to a raised green. The green tilts from back to front and is wider than it is long. 

Hole #9

One of the prettiest par 3 holes on the course. The hole normally requires a long iron and when the pin is on the left half of the green the golfer must cross over a sea of bunkers to have a birdie putt. Mounds short right and behind the green help filter the golf ball back to the middle of the green. 

Hole #10

With the aqua driving range hugging the right side of the hole drives up the left of the fairway are most favoured. From the left side of the fairway the golfer should have a clear view onto the green.

An approach coming in from left to right will normally feed nicely to the middle of the green and resulting in a birdie putt. 

Hole #11

Shall I go for it or not? The temptation of driving the green can be an option for the longer hitters on this short par 4. The more conservative approach is to play a long iron out to the right side then pitch onto the green. 

Hole #12

A risk and reward dilemma confronts the tee shot. A long drive up the middle should see the ball catch a down slope and see an extra 30 yards of distance. The risk is trying to hit it pass the tight neck in the fairway created by the positioning of the fairway bunkering.

The approach to the green with a mid to short iron is extremely challenging when the pin is located on the left of the green. A safe shot to the right of the pin is advisable.

A thinkers golf hole. 

Hole #13

Off the tee water is present on the left and bunkers right but a wide open fairway is apparent to golfer to open the shoulders and go for distance. The second shot on this long par 5 is normally a lay-up and leaves the golfer with a short pitch to this raised green. The challenge to the third shot on this par 5 is to get the ball close to the pin in this segmented green. The back half of the green slopes away so accuracy is the key. 

Hole #14

The short, drivable par 4 is my favorite hole due to the risk/reward opportunities. The tee shot is guarded on the left by a pond and on the right by a large, deep bunker. A well-executed tee shot can run onto the green with a chance for an eagle. The smart player will lay-up be must avoid the deep bunker on the right or a bogey will be inevitable. 

Hole #15

This long straight away par 4 is challenging and requires a tee shot down the left side to create the best angle to the green. The green is large but is guarded on the right by a large, deep bunker. Once on the green a one putt is possible as the green has subtle contours. 

Hole #16

This long par 3 is guarded on both sides by bunkers and favors a running shot to reach the putting surface. Another large green is offered for this long par 3. 

Hole #17

I’s a "reachable" par 5 dogleg left that requires a tee shot over the left fairway bunkers to shorten the distance to the green. To reach the green in two shots also requires the second shot over the desert area on the left and must avoid the small pot bunker at the front left of the green. The lay-up shot should be played to the right side of the second landing area for the best angle to the green. 

Hole #18

The home hole is another opportunity for risk and reward. The best tee shot is played over the large land form on the left side of the landing area to gain the extra roll and angle to the green. A conservative tee shot to the right will result in a longer, more difficult second shot over water. The pond on the right is also reachable off the tee for the longer hitters. The green is guarded on the right by water and left by a bunker making this a challenging finishing.